Fast Track Virtual Reality (VR) – 1 Day Training Workshop


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On this 1 day workshop, our dedicated instructors will introduce you to the fundamental aspects of virtual reality technology revolutionising the entertainment, engineer, defence and healthcare industries. Attendees will learn how to create and manage a virtual reality environment, design 3D scenes and be taught the essential element of interactivity using Oculus Rift and Touch technology

The workshop will include the following learning modules
Introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) today
- A brief history of VR,
- Leading Technology players explained; Oculus, Samsung Google cardboard and Jaunt VR
- Cameras & Spatial Audio
- Choosing a rig: VR 360 production
- Differing platforms and content types
Usage and Case-study analysis
- Examples of VR applications
- Analysis of creative possibilities in film production
- Working with UNITY

Understand the practical development of VR production
- Script and storyline development
- VR short filming and editing
- sample films- good and bad
- Importing a Video file to Unity
- Image stitching fundamentals
- how to export an app and load onto, say, GearVR

Exercise: develop your basic VR content
- Review the content what went ok, where they could improve

- Health and Safety issues
- Content distribution strategies
- The Future of VR Q and A

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Jonathan Tustain

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