User Research Methods


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Developing a deep understanding of users’ behaviour, thoughts, needs, and desires helps design teams solve well-defined problems. Without identifying these core problems and opportunities, launching a product or service is simply a stab in the dark. User research is the means by which we foster this understanding. It focuses on developing direct connections to end users in order to make sense of their everyday lives, learn about their frustrations, and determine potential solutions to improve their experience with just about anything.

This workshop consists of two parts: the first part will concentrate on user research methods. We will go through an overview of different methods, perform an in-class activity on user interviewing, and then interview users in the real world. The second part will focus on making sense of research findings, answering the important question: what can I do with all these insights? Participants will work together to organise their findings, synthesise them into a coherent story, and identify key opportunity and problem areas. This class is aimed at beginners.

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