VR Masterclass: Narratives and Creative Storytelling in VR


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Virtual Reality has emerged as a new artistic medium and a creative platform. From storytelling to world building—how can creators leverage the true power of VR experiences? Join us to learn from the best instructor in this field.

A revolution has taken place inside the creative and technical process and it's being driven by the still-emerging medium of virtual reality. The sheer amount of problem-solving, rule breaking, and inventiveness the VR production process demands has reshaped the way creators and technologists do their work and work together, setting the stage for never-before-seen kinds of creativity. Whether you’re a filmmaker, film student, media professional or an agency creative, Raindance VR masterclasses provide you with the knowledge you need to start crafting powerful experiences in virtual reality. In this masterclass, we will discuss how Framestore took fans of the wizarding world on a Fantastic Beasts virtual reality experience in the most immersive mobile VR experience built exclusively for Google Daydream.

Award winning VR Creative Director Resh Sidhu will give an insight into how to create highly engaging and visually stunning VR experiences that appeal to audiences and stay true to the powers of the medium. Resh will share the lessons learned, the creative process from concept to reality, sharing the challenges and solutions they found to deliver this award-winning experience.

Through behind-the-scenes videos, anecdotes and step-by-step creative challenges, you will learn about the creative and collaborative process behind the award winning 'Fantastic Beast VR' experience and how to apply that knowledge to your own work so you too can master the arts of VR in an ever changing landscape.

Who should attend?
This masterclass is open to anyone who has an interest in learning more about creating powerful experiences in Virtual Reality. You don’t need a prior experience with the concepts, tools or resources of VR. Just bring your enthusiasm to learn more from the best instructors in this field.

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Resh Sidhu

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