This one-day instructor-led workshop aims to introduce continuous testing practices in development life cycle. Through combination of presentations, demos, and hands-on labs, participants explore and experience testing practices such as automation, code analysis and pipeline integration.

Course Outline

QA / CD Definition of QA Continuous Integration, Delivery and Testing; Motivation Behind Cost and Profits for the Organization

Testing Unit, Integration and System Testing; Test Automation Pyramid Functional and Non-Function Testing Tools in Action (Automation with Selenium Webdriver and Rest-Assured)

Analysis Clean Code and Technical Debt Software Quality Characteristics; Maintainability Static vs Dynamic Analysis Static Code Analysis with Sonarqube

Delivery Pipeline, CI/CD How to Build a Delivery Pipeline Best-Practices for Delivery Pipeline Case Study: Pipeline on Jenkins, Put Them On

Audience This course is meant for IT professionals who are Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, Systems Admins, Solutions Architects, Release Engineers, Cloud Professionals and others who want to build a career in DevOps.

Course Pre-Requisites There are no specific prerequisites to become a Continuous Testing practitioner. Anyone with basic knowledge in programming can take up this Continuous Testing workshop.

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