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    The Lloyds Bank Digital Business of the Year

    Assessed in the context of the organisations overall strategic vision and plan for sustained growth, judges will look for evidence of exceptional delivery, site engagement & functionality, security...

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    The Smith & Williamson Entrepreneur of the Year

    Open to individuals operating in the public, private or third sector, this award will go to the outstanding individual who can best demonstrate the following: • Exceptional vision and effective ...

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    The UKTI Growth Business of the Year

    While judges will consider growth from merger and acquisition activity, and its contribution to overall performance, they will focus on real and organic growth delivered over the last 18 months. Op...

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    The Market Gravity Innovation Award

    Open to any organisation operating in the public, private or third sector, this award will go to the company that can best demonstrate an innovation or innovative approach that has: • Created co...

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    The Lloyds Bank New Business of the Year

    The Lloyds Bank New Business of the Year award recognises the companies who have best demonstrated an understanding of their competitors, customers, and markets they operate in; and have the founda...

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    The Duke of York New Entrepreneur of the Year

    Focusing on the market opportunity identified, the model to capitalise on it, and how it has been executed within the first 18 months of trading, judges will look at how initial targets and KPI’s h...

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    The Social Enterprise of the Year

    Judges will look for pioneering ideas and approaches that can be adapted in other areas of community service, and will assess each candidate on the sustainability of the model and potential for las...

    National biz awards
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    TechCrunch Startup Battlefield

    Startup Battlefield features 15-30 top early stage startups pitching top judges in front of a vast live audience, present in person and online. The winner takes away the Disrupt Cup and check for $...

    Techcrucnh battlefield image

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