Salary: £35-60k and Equity 0-1%

At CityStasher, we believe time is valuable - and you should be able to make the most of it. We focused on simplicity, security and scalability, to create an innovative service accessible to everyone. CityStasher frees you to make the most of your time by connecting you with StashPoints: local shops and hotels who can store your bags no matter where you are.

We’ve been rapidly growing over the last year and recently closed a $1.1m funding round (it’s £850k, but $1.1m sounds so much cooler doesn’t it) to fuel our global expansion. We’re now searching for a backend developer to join us on our mission. To find out more about the business, check out

We’re a young team who strongly believes in making your work a positive part of your life, creating a flexible working environment and making an impact through what we do. People you know will be using our product and we take pride in offering them a good service.

We are looking for a junior / mid-level backend developer to take ownership and responsibility over CityStasher’s database, application, and API.

You’ll be the main person responsible for maintaining the backend functionality of our application as well as creating new features to fuel growth. The role will have a lot of autonomy and you’ll work directly with the Head of Product at CityStasher. Curiosity is really valued - we’re always looking for motivated people who are keen to learn. You’ll also have a large say in what we build and anything related to our product.

Role / responsibilities:

- Building on and maintaining our API (including documentation) which powers our website, apps, and partner integrations.

- Providing API support to external partners.

- Maintaining our operations on Heroku - keeping our backend systems and API running.

- Playing a major role in developing our product vision.

Your skillset:

- 1-2+ years experience working with Python in a backend role.

- Good understanding/awareness of web app architectures, including MVC, RESTful API design and working knowledge of microservices / SOA.

- Familiarity with Python WSGI frameworks. Flask preferred, but experience with Django or other frameworks is no bad thing!

- Knowledge of common database technologies - ideally experiences with PostgreSQL.

- Comfortable getting involved in DevOps - working knowledge of Heroku or AWS a plus.

- Reasonable knowledge of frontend technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript) as well as frameworks and libraries, specifically React, would be a bonus.

Don’t feel that you have to tick all the boxes, even if you don’t perfectly match the above criteria, we would still welcome your application!

Contact [email protected] to apply :)

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