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BlueStacks, the #1 mobile gaming platform on PC with global reach, is looking for a driven Community and Operations Coordinator in Turkish to join its forces in UK (London / within Travel distance of London/ Greater London area). In this role you will wear different hats: entrepreneurial, grass-root leader and a gamer advocate. We are looking for a professional who is motivated to play a big role in developing an entirely new gaming community and which efforts will impact on hundreds of thousands of users throughout Europe.

You will define what "community" means for us. You must understand who our user is, what their pain points are, what they want, but most importantly what they need. You must be at the forefront of the community, at all times have the pulse of our users and make their user experience the best day by day, and, after all, bring our company to a new level of customer success.

What you will do:


• Monitor user feedback across all channels

• Respond to support request. Help users who face with various technical issues, be a forefront of our main support team


• Test new, upcoming and most popular games

• Work with Business development team to increase daily users

• Be responsible for translating all key messaging related to upcoming products and services

What we will offer:

• Opportunity to work on a unique, popular product, famous worldwide, a leader in its niche.

• Very quick and fast professional growth and various expertise

• Opportunity to develop a community from scratch

• Flexible work schedule – You can work from home several days a week.

• Opportunity to join an international team with people from the United States to Tokyo

• Opportunity to execute all the new and brave ideas

• Fee paid in UK Pounds. Job is 40 hours / week.


• Be a games enthusiastic

• Be a team player.

• Be Fluent in French & German, Turkish – and, of course, English.

• Be a leader and coalition builder. Strong engagement skills, including ability to dialogue and settle disputes between users

• An extrovert with exemplary communication skills. Responsible for the tone of voice and direction of groups and forums at a high level. Generate positive sentiment in all community channels.

• Understanding. Acquire clarity regarding the different segments of users inside the product and actively present them content that fulfils their needs depending on where they are in their lifecycle. Be the primary conduit of feedback and sentiment reports to the developer.

• Continuously play games and know what a good and bad community looks like. Having passion for Tech and Mobile Gaming is important.

• Good technical background - you should understand how Windows OS works basically, what "registry" is, and be able to quickly get into tech FAQs and how to squeeze out a helpful information from user to a developer team.

• Job position is open in London. Remote work is also under consideration but we would like to have weekly face time, so travel distance to the capital is a must.


• Bachelor’s degree. Education, relevant training, and demonstrated skills aligned to the job requirement

• Experience in Tech, Marketing, Copy write, etc.

• Being a mobile games fan is a plus

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