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Flyt is a technology subsidiary of Just Eat plc, a FTSE100 food delivery company. We invent technology to help Just Eat integrate, deploy and transform some of the top restaurant brands in the world. We also enable select flagship external clients, to invent the future of their own digital services through our API platform.

Today, we’re a global company, with our technology being deployed across Europe, North America and Australia, and with team members in six countries. Yet we’re still human-scale: we’re a company where everyone can get to know everyone, and are structured to ensure every multidisciplinary team has a strong sense of community and complete autonomy on how to hit their goals.

Flyt is organised in small, cross-functional autonomous teams, we call squads. Each one of our squads owns an area of the product end-to-end and is responsible for meeting a business goal. Same principles as the spotify model, but customised to what works for us.

The Role

We’re looking for PHP engineers at all stages of their career to play an integral role in the next phase of Flyt’s growth and mission to become the platform which enables enterprises and small businesses to connect their restaurants, bars and pubs.

If you aspire to achieve the following and beyond, then please get in-touch.


- To build new API’s, core services and integrations for our Menu’s, Ordering, and Delivery products.

- To deliver changes and features for the major clients who are powered by our platform.

- To extract and strangle functionality out of our existing PHP monolith into smaller domain specific service-oriented architectures.

Working with us

We’re confident you’ll love working here if:

- You want to get into the trenches with a collaborative team.

- You want to contribute to architecture and deliver innovative software products.

- You like to obsess over ensuring that the code written by you and the team you are part of is well tested, clean, hygienic and performant.

- You know which 5 principles make you a S.O.L.I.D PHP developer.

- You have a great understanding with modern versions of PHP, and keep up with current and future standards such as PSR-12 potentially replacing PSR-2.

- You want to produce every application or service in alignment with the ‘12 factor app’ principles.

- You want to get involved in operational visibility, helping to instrumenting software so we know how the platforms are behaving.

- You can finish what you start, and that good enough and finished trumps perfect, not done.

- You class yourself as a continuous improver and constantly push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

- You like to openly communicate, be willing to listen to peers and give and receive continuous feedback.

- You have technical interests outside of PHP, you like to dive into other areas such as Go, Typescript, Docker, Domain Driven Design, container platforms such as K8S and more.

- Above all, you love to bring people along for the journey, you’re a mentor and a teacher and help others level-up.


- Health Insurance

- Bonus Pool

- Life Assurance

- A great working environment, regular office events and a culture of creating unique experiences for our employees

- The equipment you need to get the job done The training you need to help you level-up (up to £1,000/y)

- The opportunity to work in a fast-growing company with global expansion plans and operations spanning USA, UK, Bulgaria, Poland.

- Pension - 3% matched to 5%

- 25 days holiday

- Cycle to work scheme –

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