About Steer73

Steer73 are a Digital Product Agency. We work with a wide variety of clients to understand their needs, shape their product and then deliver the development work. In many cases, we are their in-house product, design and development team. From single native apps to enterprise systems for the government, we tackle everything. We take a client’s problem and give them a solution.

We have our HQ in London, where our product and the commercial team are based, and teams in Kiev, Ukraine and Chennai, India.


The role

As our User Interface Designer, you will be working alongside the Product and Development teams to deliver user-centered solutions for our clients.

You will work across several projects and take a hands-on role in designing the right product solution. You will work closely with the product managers and development team on the investigation and ideation phases, as well as the design of the product solution.

You should be able to explain the rationale behind your solution, both in terms of best practice and your thinking for any decisions you make. You should be experienced at design artifacts and best practice UI, design hierarchy and patterns; It will be essential that you can communicate this internally to the team, and at times to clients as well.

You will work with a Product Manager to understand the needs of the client, gather the requirements for not just what they say they want, but what they really need. You will attend client meetings to discuss the product needs and the proposed solution.

As you develop a product’s design you’ll work with the client to explain and confirm how the user interface meets the business’ requirements, as well as clarify how the underlying core assumptions and hypotheses have shaped the user interface.

The current UX team is small but expected to grow in the coming year. An important role you will take on will be building strong relationships with the developers to develop UI/UX patterns and practices that are used across projects.

You will also be expected to contribute to the estimation of work and the communication of your solution to the development team in a clear and unambiguous way.

You will be working on 3 to 4 client projects at a time, which whilst interesting will also be demanding, and you’ll need be able to effectively prioritize your time and efforts.

Sounds interesting? It is.

Sounds challenging? It really is!


Job requirements

You should have a good knowledge of all digital product design processes, and on top of these you should:

• Have a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree, ideally in a design related field (HCI, interface design, graphic design, etc)

• Ideally have over 3 years of industry experience, and experience presenting to clients. We’ll consider any level of experience so long as key skills can be demonstrated: examples of system thinking and a product design portfolio

• Have good experience and clear understanding of user-centered design

• Be proficient in key design tools (e.g. Sketch, wireframing tools, flowchart tools)

• Be hands-on – you’ll be taking the lead on designing the right product solution

• Be comfortable with a client facing role

• Have excellent analytical skills

• Be a clear communicator with great writing skills

• Have the ability to work on multiple, disparate projects at one time

• Have an understanding of the software development lifecycle and a pragmatic approach to digital product design

• Be able to put in place repeatable design processes with the Product and Development teams that will improve the quality of the company’s work and the efficiency of producing it


• Wireframing

• Prototyping

• Design packages (Sketch)

• A good understanding of user stories

• A good understanding of acceptance criteria

• HTML/CSS knowledge or experience a significant bonus

• UX knowledge and ability to contribute to UX discussion a significant bonus

• Excellent written and verbal communication

• Analytical

• Detail orientated

• Ability to present


• Full SDLC experience

• Experience of working with a front-end development team and an understanding of what their requirements are

• Knowledge of Agile and Waterfall methods of working

• Experience working with a QA team on UI testing criteria a significant bonus

More about the company

Steer73 is a small company. The most important factor in our hiring is that we get on. The company has grown quickly over the last two years and we are looking for people who will enjoy and contribute to that continued growth.

We have a flat management structure, and we look for people who want to get things done, are comfortable making decisions, take ownership of their roles and want to progress their own skill set.

The big benefit of joining Steer73 is the chance to work on high profile, meaningful projects for a wide range of clients and industries as part of a business with deep product knowledge and cross-sectoral expertise.

Note to recruiters: This role is not open to recruitment agencies/consultants

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