Financial Data Science as a Competitive Advantage

Oct 20, 2017 · Guest post from Nicholas Heller, Co-founder & CEO of Fractal Labs

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"If you had an off switch, Doctor, would you not keep it secret?", Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Is it possible for Small-Medium-Enterprises (SMEs) to obtain competitive advantage by being scientific with their financial data? These days, data is in abundance but not many companies use it strategically. Data, and in turn data science capabilities, are important strategic assets. But under what conditions can a business achieve competitive advantage from such assets, specifically in regards to financial data?

Companies need to consider how their financial data and their data science tools of choice can provide value in the context of their business strategy. In order to make use of financial data to gain advantage, the data must be easily accessible, understandable and informative.

For example, when a business’ cash flow is forecasted to decrease, the manager might not be fully aware. One can easily forget about how the payment timing of upcoming expenses and invoices impacts cash balances in the bank.

In this context, business managers need to be alerted ahead of time of potential cash dips, and be presented with solutions, such as opportunities for financing.

Fractal provides a cost-effective way to be scientific with your financial data, and in turn, offers competitive advantage. The automated financial assistant helps businesses understand what is driving the change in metrics and nudges loyal users to improve the financial health of the business, while always monitoring cash and financing requirements.

Fractal integrates with online and offline accounting platforms in the UK market, including invoices, expenses and budgets, and as of 2018, will be fully licensed to combine open banking data and initiate payments. Fractal applies machine intelligence to forecast cash flow and alert business managers of timely and important information.

We’re proud to a part of the vibrant London FinTech ecosystem--solving real problems for the businesses forming the backbone of our economy.

Financial data management is important for strategic competitive advantage. Use Fractal to run a financial health check on your business and let the product help guide it towards success.

Fractal will be showcasing their product at the 2017 Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas as part of the Mayor of London’s International Business Programme.

Fractal. Applying financial data science to help businesses stay competitive.

Check out our full interview with Nick here. Want to get your company involved with the Mayor’s International Business Programme? Click here to learn more!


Nicholas Heller, Co-founder & CEO of Fractal Labs

Nick is the co-founder and CEO of Fractal Labs, an automated financial assistant for businesses and their financial partners. For the past 20+ years, Nick has focused his passion on projects of positive consequence. He's a serial entrepreneur and has previously held leadership roles at Google, Viacom and RBC Capital Markets. Nick pursues a portfolio of interests that include serving on boards of companies, advising scale-ups and investing in startups.

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