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Feb 24, 2018 · London's Best Timetable

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Aptly named after helping you find an ‘empty chair’ in a local pottery workshop, coffee tasting masterclass or meditation class, London’s hottest experience start-up has added over 3000 experiences, workshops and classes to their app for 2018.

In an all-new app and working with local artisans, community craftspeople & independent creators like pottery stars, dojo senseis, hot artists, and non-profit founders, EmptyChair provides a mobile marketplace for experiences in the way that Airbnb does for living spaces, Hiyacar for automobiles or Treatwell for beauty.

Organised like your traditional high-school calendar - hour by hour, day by day - the concept has already proven popular with over 2000, mostly younger monthly active users since their launch just five months ago.

"It’s really quite simple," says Charlotte, co-Founder of EmptyChair. "I love trying new things but just got tired of ringing places that no longer exist or have nothing on offer when I’m actually free. That’s where the idea for EmptyChair came in."

"London has such a huge variety of experiences on offer that having them all in one easily discoverable community made perfect sense. But when we looked, we couldn’t find anything on mobile, and so we decided to get to work on EmptyChair" continued Charlotte.

Started by generation X, individuals are increasingly looking to diversify their knowledge, and in the process have become knowledge and experience hungry. In fact, according to U.K. government data, spending on "Recreation and Culture" is at an all-time high in the year ending March 2017, averaging at £67 per week, and is expected to continue to rise.

What’s more, unlike traditional marketplaces or booking platforms, EmptyChair doesn’t charge their partners fees for using their platform. "We found it counterintuitive to charge people for sharing their passion. At times our hosts could even find themselves at a loss, and so we moved to a freemium model, offering our hosts' additional services for an optional feel" says Charlotte.

The young start-up has already attracted seed funding through private investors in October of 2017, and the team are currently working on releasing an Android app and expanding to Manchester and Edinburgh.

So if you’re looking to try one of their hundreds of classes and brush up on your painting skills, throw some clay or learn to meditate in London, head over to the Appstore now!

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