How to host an NDA event

Aug 17, 2017 · Guest blog from Sean Spencer, head of venues and facilities at IET Venues

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From exclusive dinners and receptions to confidential conferences dealing with a delicate subject matter, at IET Venues we’ve hosted a number of high profile secure events in recent months. Some of these events have been for large technology companies where all staff have been asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). While NDA events require a stripped back, thorough approach, the end goal for the event is no different to any other event.

We’ve brought together our experiences in some top tips on how to host an NDA event.

Have a process in place

Having an experienced team who know the procedures for an NDA event will significantly help your team sell these types of events effectively and leave potential clients safe in the knowledge that their event will be held with the upmost discretion.

Part of the agreement can often require certain pieces of information needing to be contained within a small group of people, event sheets need to be shredded and servers wiped immediately after the event. If a client feels that as a venue you are well equipped to deal with a high-profile event, it may just help to secure the contract.

Work closely with a legal team

NDA agreements are often filled with reams of legal jargon that may not mean much to the untrained eye. Working closely with a legal team to help you make sense of the document and understand your legal responsibilities will save time in the long run, particularly if anything were to go wrong. A legal team will be able to review the document and highlight any areas that need to be amended.

Get the whole team on side

It takes just one person to leak sensitive information and ruin the relationship with the client and the whole NDA. You need to get the whole team involved in the event to buy into the importance of keeping it discreet. Some clients have insisted that all staff including catering, porters, housekeeping, AV techs and duty managers must sign individual NDAs.

Be flexible

Being flexible to new ways of working during an NDA event is the best way to get through it. For example, communications can become restricted to just key managers such as AV, Operations and Sales who will keep sensitive information off the function sheets and only give verbal communication in the days leading up to the event. Clients may need to bring their own hard drives and slide presentations, ensure staff do not take photos of room set ups and all function sheets are collected at the end of the event for shredding.

Ultimately you want your client’s events to run smoothly and for them to go away having had a successful event.

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