London bests international and European rivals in terms of tech talent

Jun 19, 2017 ·


A new study from developer platform Stack Overflow has found that London bests most of its international rivals in terms of the sheer volume of tech talent, with more professional developers than any other global city.

According to the data, there are more than 418k developers based in London more than any European city and even bettering Far Eastern hubs such as Tokyo and Singapore.

With both Apple and Google committing to massive new headquarters in the coming years, the numbers only look set to go up, with Stack Overflow claiming that the number of developers rose by 11% in the last year as the capital’s tech sector continued to boom. Overall, London finishes third in terms of global cities with the highest concentration of developers, with only US hubs San Francisco (661k) and New York (432,000) able to boast more.

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