Refurbishing IET London: Savoy Place

Mar 15, 2017 · This unique London venue on the River Thames has recently undergone a £30 million refurbishment, it offers cutting edge technology, improved capacity and new outside space


During a two year closure Savoy Place underwent a comprehensive refurbishment from top to bottom, it was one heck of a project.

Among numerous suppliers and contractors we worked with were design consultancy firm Recursive AV; providing a range of services including design, specification and installation support for the buildings extensive audio-visual, multi-media, electroacoustic and IT systems.

Savoy Place was designed to connect and engage visitors from the moment they book their event to the minute they walk through the front door, even after they’ve left the venue. One of the keys to this success was the investment in our digital infrastructure; installing a ‘digital fibre core’ has meant our standard tech offering is superior, we can support multiple devices concurrently during an event on the venue Wi-Fi and, most importantly, we’re better placed to cope with future technology trends and client expectations.

We deliberately set out to create a venue for the future, to become a ‘Global Engineering Hub’ and destination for all technology and engineering events. Future proofing Savoy Place means all technical devices, tablets and the like can be linked and streamed within the venue, and also allow us to adapt and adopt future trends and technological developments in the coming years. The support and installation of main plant items, such as lifts, HVAC, IT and AV infrastructure also have a minimum of 15 years life cycle expectancy.

With a long and varied history we used the re-build to recognise the IET’s past, while shining a light on the present and future of engineering with the installation of digital exhibits. Recursive AV worked with our exhibits team to integrate these impressive pieces into the building infrastructure and ensure they could be easily branded for client events. These included a ‘100 engineering ideas that changed the world’ wall, video walls and a digital chandelier in the reception.

In addition to the digital investments, two brand new auditoriums, a second lecture theatre, enlarged riverside suite, state of the art boardrooms, roof terrace and a ‘sesame lift’ at the front of the building – this enables the stone steps to retract automatically for easy wheelchair access – were also fitted.

Since re-opening in December 2015, Savoy Place continues to welcome clients from all industries including gaming, telecommunication, construction, law, publishing, societies and institutions. In this relatively short period we’ve also seen a significant rise in enquiries from fashion companies, creative agencies and, following the addition of the roof terrace, TV production companies who have flocked to the venue for outdoor broadcasts to take advantage of our panoramic backdrops of London.

Savoy Place was redesigned to make events more engaging and accessible; blending the old with the new, and connecting delegates, whether in attendance or following from afar. This, along with the combination of cutting edge facilities, superior connectivity, accessibility and inspiring views of the City has seen Savoy Place recognised as one of the finest event venues in London.

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