Royal Veterinary College joins forces with Felcana, the intelligent pet care start-up

Sep 8, 2018 · Felcana and Royal Veterinary College partner to teach old dogs new tricks with continued research into pet traits and behaviours.


The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) has announced a 4-year collaboration with Felcana, an intelligent pet care start-up based in London, to support the continued research into pet traits and behaviours. This partnership will enable the two organisations to combine their expertise in a range of exciting pet wearable health projects and enhance the levels of data related to tracking pet behaviours, habits and activities. The initiative is intended to result in an improvement in the welfare of animals in the future.

The collaboration will pool expertise at the RVC, along with the world-leading facilities of the Structure and Motion Laboratory, with the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence that Felcana has to offer. It is expected that the integration of these products and skills will help to predict, simplify and treat over 90% of health issues facing dogs and cats.

Felcana’s Digital Pet Health Platform uses a bespoke modelling process which revolutionises how owners monitor their dog and cat health. Through complex scientific algorithms, which can interpret a pet’s behavioural patterns such as drinking, eating and sleeping, owners are now able to track their pets needs through their smart-phones. This technology is hoped to provide effective relief to conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes and kidney failure, at an earlier stage to minimise the pain for the animal.

In parallel to the RVC announcement, Felcana is launching a fundraising campaign on leading equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs, to raise £150,000. This campaign will help support the continued development and rollout of the Digital Pet Health Platform and goes live on Monday 10th September 2018. Please find more information at:

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