Tech-enabled toy startup sets sights even higher after smashing Kickstarter goal

Jun 19, 2017 ·


London-based toy brand, Tech Will Save Us, has reached its initial $50,000 target on Kickstarter in just nine days and is now setting its sights on even bigger things.

The startup, which has developed a range of tech-enabled toys for children, is funding its upcoming ‘Dough Universe’ range, a line of toys which combines electronics and play dough to allow children to create their own instruments, creatures and machines. Targeted at the 4 to 7 age group, the startup aims to teach children the science behind electronics through its three separate kits: the squashy sounds kit, bright creatures kit and the electro machines kit.

Tech Will Save Us has now launched its stretch goal of $75,000 in response to demand from backers which, the firm says, will be used to develop a connector for building block integration with brands such as Lego.

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