Why Cutting Solar Subsidies Will Speed Up the Clean Energy Revolution

Sep 1, 2015 · huffingtonpost.co.uk


The UK government has just announced that people will get close to 90% less money than before for installing solar panels on their homes.

Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are in despair. But for a maturing UK solar power industry, the proposed cuts are a blessing in disguise - and, if implemented, will end up meaning more and cheaper solar panels across the UK.

Just look at Germany. There, solar subsidies have been cut significantly over the last few years, but the solar industry kept on growing. The reason is that the cuts have led to greater competition and standardisation between German solar companies. This has meant a sharp fall in prices and many more solar panels being installed all over the country. The Germans keep on putting them on the roofs of their homes, offices and factories.

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