At Betify we live to celebrate talent and creativity. We believe most people have a talent, be it football tricks, dance, singing, snowboard and alike. The technology gives most these people the possibility to record their talent. Betify brings a platform for them to share it, be recognised as a talented individual, become the best at it, and get rewarded.

Management Team

Head of Branding

Chris Ciccone

Chris speciality is engaging the student market. He is the Managing Director of BecomeOne Marketing (http://becomeonemarketing.com), a network of over 200 students brand ambassadors. Before that he directed viral engagement campaign for RedBull and PepeJeans.

Chief Technical Officer

Steve Olesansky

Steve is the Managing Director of DeepSine (http://deepsine.com), successful app development studio based in London. He is working with dedicated teams overseas for over 4 years and put together processes to guarantee a fast and quality delivery. He specializes in developing high engagement mobile apps for customers and businesses alike.


Max Heath-Brown

Max has over 25 years of experience in the gaming industry; he has worked with the authors of Tetris, Sim City and The Sims, more recently he was Chief Operations and Sales Director at NCSoft where he grew Guild Wars to more than 22 million players in the first two years. Max was a major force behind some of the largest publishers that Betify will approach to market their service.

Head of Growth

Rene Magri

Worked as a Consultant with many companies in the past years, ranging from Gambling, Telecoms, Events, Media & Advertising, amongst others. His main activity is to help grow Betify targeting Networks, Strategic Partners, and other channels with significant traffic. He is currently based in Malta working on his new company ClearLead.

Chief Strategy Officer

James Palmer

James currently advises several SME's in fund raising and expansion efforts. His obsession is guaranteed massive growth at minimal expenditure and he has worked for 2 years to create such a system for his startup http://gamerdating.com. His spread of companies and experience reflect his tendency to latch on to companies that he believes can deliver "Massive Growth" on a global scale.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Samuel Huber

Samuel developed the idea and vision behind Betify (http://getbetify.com). His major strengths are his creativity in terms of business strategy, user experience, and branding. He has 2 years of experience managing software projects in FormulaOne and holds an engineering degree.

Chief Financial Officer

Amir Kazmi

Amir has 20 years of experience in the areas of General Management, Software Sales, Development and Consulting, having built several successful businesses for major Companies and as a partner in a Consulting business. Amir is currently non executive director of Xoomworks.

Investment Director

Andrew Pickering

Andrew is a partner at Jenson Solutions, Betify’s seed investors. He is a qualified chartered accountant with 20 years of experience in finance, tax, operations, risk, audit and treasury functions. Andrew has expertise in investment banking, investment management and niche financial services and more recently business services firms of various sizes.

Head of Legal

Gabrielle Patrick

Gabrielle is a Director at iSeed (http://iseed.co), investment/consulting company focussing on online gaming and gambling. She is member of the Online Gaming & eEntertainment Committee and is a certified attorney in US/UK specializing in gaming/gambling matters. Gabrielle is working closely with Betify on the mechanics of the game to assess its potential legal issues.

Head of Freemium Design

Charles Kriel

Charles and his team at KS&M specialise in making games that make money. They have tremendous experience working with brands such as Disney, Universal... on retention, user journey, economy and monetization. They use psychology and actual user data to design the whole economy and level system in Betify.

Chief Sales officer

Melissa Walther

Melissa is a tech sales executive with 6 years of cloud software sales success for Microsoft, Amazon and others, commonly millions dollar deals. Wanting to experiment sales for more exciting projects, she put together a sales team to grow Betify in the B2B space.

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