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DataNav is a startup that has developed a cloud software platform designed for data gathering, compression and visualized analytics.


- DataNav has developed a breakthrough technology for data gathering, compression and visual analytics that improves business decision-making.
- DataNav improves business decision-making capabilities by enhancing the ability to see future probabilities and trends.
- The technology enables users to interact in real-time with data from any source (e.g. company internal data, sensors, online resources, etc.) through a single online interface and via any device.
- The elements of the solution include an analytics platform, application modules oriented towards organisational functions (e.g. Customer Retention, Fault Management) and an attractive User Interface.
- The technology is commercialised as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering.
- Customers will pay an annual subscription fee, which can be paid in monthly instalments. The setup costs are already included in the overall subscription fee. There is no separate charge for the platform. Costs scale up or down based on the number of services subscribed to and amount of data processed.
- The service is fast to deploy and configure, intuitive for users, requiring neither certification nor extensive training for users or administrators.
- DataNav’s SaaS offering is priced attractively and does not require companies to invest in any additional IT infrastructure or personnel.
- The potential for the service is diverse and significant, with applications for any industry and any size of company.
- The starting point will be to focus on:
• Selected large corporates, where the relationships of the management team will be leveraged
• Medium-sized enterprises, where there is a lack of legacy IT, limited budgets for expensive IT solutions and a great need to improve processes and business tools usage to remain competitive
- Initial target industries will be Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics

Management Team

Co Founder and Managing Director

Beatrice Shepherd

I have worked as a management consultant for 15 years with organisations from all over the world and across different industries. I am entrepreneurial and in the last few years managed my own consulting company and recently co-founded a predictive analytics startup called DataNav. Prior to that, I served as a Senior Director with both client-facing and corporate development responsibilities.

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