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Seen On Screen Digital Limited

Seen On Screen Digital makes Seen On Screen's super successful dance and fitness classes available online to people across the world, in just one click.


Seen On Screen is an existing dance & fitness brand that teaches people of all abilities how to dance like their favourite pop stars, taught by the professional dancers who work with them. SOS instructors work with Rihanna, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and more, but most importantly, they are hand picked for being fantastic teachers.

Since SOS was founded in 2011, we have hit headlines, pioneered new and exciting fitness trends combining fun and fitness, and have become the market leader in our field.

When SOS appears in the press, we see a massive spike to our web traffic and enquiries for our classes shoot up (regionally and internationally), however, we have never been able to fulfil this demand – until now. By taking the brand online and using a subscription based business model, we're able to scale the ability to distribute our product, without changing our content or significantly raising our costs.

Management Team

Bonnie Parsons

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