It’s a known fact that mobile devices are the primary platform for consuming news, hence the primary source of content monetization. This shift to mobile-first strategy exposes a whole new level of uncertainty around content distribution, engagement and monetisation.

Product Description

Our content discovery platform enables publishers to go mobile in less than 24 hours using our Mobile App as a service model.In addition, our analytics API enables publishers to increase user engagement and monetisation, by giving them detailed targeting data about their audience, content and recommending the relevant content.


Our product is powered by big data and machine learning based technologies with our own summarization algorithm, recommendation engine and sentiment analysis.
We have a cloud based architecture which is highly scalable.

Price Advantage:

Publishers spend on an average 30,000 $ to publish the first version of their mobile app and over 500,000 $ annually in big data and analytics. Our product promises better experience and value add, at a fraction of their current expenditure.

Management Team


Sharad Khandelwal

Masters, Software Systems from University College London, Sharad has decade of product development, technical and leadership expertise through his experience at various top companies and investment banks.

Chief Product Officer

Oleksander Bondarev

Alex is an entrepreneur and front-end engineer, with experience of the trials and tribulations of a startup:http://3dprinters4schools.co.uk/. He is highly interested in machine learning and proficient at app development, and devotedly maintains his skill-set to stay abreast of technological advances

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