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Black Ghost Champagne created & designed to capture the young new champagne drinking consumers that now contributes over 60% of all champagne sales globally.


A brand that has been specially designed for the new generation champagne drinkers, a recent survey showed that in the last 24 months the average champagne drinker was under 25 from the previous years and a staggering 62% of all champagne sales was consumers from 18 – 35.
Our Skulls have one more trick, when in a dark space at home, in a bar, club, the skulls will glow in the dark for that added visual effect .

Management Team


Alan Colton

Already being successful in the Wine and spirits industry, Alan has been apart of some of the largest grown brands in the Market including, Skky Vodka, 88 Delicious, Chase Vodka and many more, using his skill sets which range from sales, production, marketing, management, Alan will be at the front leading Black Ghost forward, with the help of his advisory team, expanding members of staff.


Arthur Reynolds

Arthur has a huge amount of experience when It comes to building a business, working for the likes of Goldman Sachs, Lemann Brothers, etc in senior management and director positions, now semi-retired, Arthur has agreed to sit as CEO of Vanity drinks and advisor on all large scale management tasks driving the company forward, working out of the new Vanity drinks New York office, Arthur is also working with distributors for import contracts.


Glenn Warrington

Glenn has driven many start-up companies from low scale sales, distribution, production to large global blue chip companies, Glenn’s contacts are a wide array of decision makers in this industry, with also a large amount of marketing knowledge, Glenn has been appointed to take the brand into a large scale operation and production, Glenn's Role will be the international Sales, and helping the UK team push forward, he will also advise on Marketing.

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