VetCloud helps veterinary practices stay in touch with pet owners, manage their clinics and ultimately grow their business. Part Practice Management Software, part CRM system and part big data engine, VetCloud enables vets to use data to make business decisions and send relevant content and product recommendations to pet owners. VetCloud can also aggregate data, to provide epidemiological data to governments or pharmacological data to pharma cos.

Management Team


Ivan Vesic

Ivan is currently an advisor to the “Eleven” Start up accelerator and a regular columnist for a national Tech and IT magazine, as well as lecturing and mentoring at a Start-Up Academy in Belgrade. Prior to founding VetCloud, he was a project and SEO manager for Aerogaga.com (similar to Kayak.com) and before that founded a gaming start up. Ivan studied sociology at the Nis University, with a particular focus on IP and new media


Milan Djordjevic

Milan is a web developer with more than 10 years of experience. He has worked for several development teams in Nis, including Simplicity (responsible for the development of Juznevesti.com, a leading web news source for South and South East Serbia), and as lead development engineer at Aerogaga.com (a regional peer to kayak.com). He has a degree in Information Technology from the Management Faculty in Zajecar, Serbia.

VP Product

Mirza Sejdinovic

Mirza is a veterinary professional passionate about leveraging cloud technology to optimize workflow, and save time and money. Before joining VetCloud he was a veterinary technician at a mixed animal practice in South Serbia, where he was responsible for IT, managing medical records of corporate clients (primarily farms from the region) and inventory and supply chain

VP Business Development

Sarah Cochrane

A Cambridge-educated veterinarian and biotechnologist, Sarah has also worked in life sciences consulting, banking and private equity before moving to the world of start ups. She initially worked in a fintech cloud computing company, founded by a university friend, before moving to VetCloud in September 2013

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