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Zopa is the UK’s leading peer-to-peer lending company, matching smart borrowers looking for lower-rate loans with lenders looking for higher interest.


Zopa was the world’s first and is the UK's largest online P2P lending platform. It matches sensible borrowers looking for a loan with smart lenders, delivering market-leading rates to both by bypassing the banks and their high charges. Since Zopa was founded in 2005, it has arranged £900 million in peer-to-peer (P2P) loans and has returned over £53m in interest to lenders.

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Management Team

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director

Giles Andrews

Spent the first ten years of his career pursuing all things automotive, including co-founding Caverdale in 1992, a start-up taken to a £250m revenue motor retailer, renamed Godfrey Davis Motor Group and sold in 1997. He then set up his own consultancy business whose clients included Tesco and Tesco Personal Finance, which also provided start-up advice and early stage funding for new businesses. He co-founded Zopa in 2004 and became CEO in 2007.

Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director

Jaidev Janardana

Before joining Zopa in 2014, Jaidev spent 12 years with Capital One, both in the US and the UK. He was the CMO for Capital One UK, responsible for Marketing, Product, Credit and Risk Operations for the UK business and was instrumental in bringing the UK business back to profitability and growth. As COO at Zopa he leads Technology, Customer Service and Operations, giving a high level direction to the great folks who work in those teams.

Head of Service Operations

Caroline Mills

Caroline is responsible for the overall day-to-day operations of Customer Services, Collections and Credit Underwriting. She ensures they operate efficiently and that we’re providing a high quality service to our customers. She joined in 2010 and since then has proudly had her team’s efforts recognised by numerous customer service awards. She champions a strong consumer centric approach in everything we do.

Chief Technology Officer

Matt McGuire

Matt joined Zopa in 2011, jumping at the chance to work for a company with a sense of purpose and full of possibilities. In his career journey he has worked with some exceptional people but he says, at Zopa, we have the best. If he could have any three people to dinner they would be Isambard Kingdom Brunel for engineering firsts, Richard Feyman for his brilliant mind and bonus bongo drumming skills, and Judge Judy to keep the conversation real.

Chief Data Scientist

Didier Baclin

Didier joined Zopa in 2014 having previously worked with Amazon and Real Impact Analytics. He’s a data geek at heart and has assembled an impressive team of data scientists, although there’s one particular analyst he would really like to hire if they existed – Sherlock Holmes. His ideal dinner party guests would include Neil Armstrong and Warren Buffet, and his favourite place in the world is Rio de Janeiro. Elementary, my dear Watson.

Sales Director

Jonathan Kramer

Jonathan joined Zopa in 2014, having spent his career in investment banking. What attracted him to Zopa was the opportunity to work with driven, entrepreneurial people and revolutionise the financial services landscape. Working here he finds there is a focus on delivering a world class product while having fun at the same time. If he could have any three people to dinner it would be Lyndon Johnson, Nelson Mandela and Chevy Chase.

Chief Product Officer

Andrew Lawson

Andrew has spent his career in data driven, customer centric growth, initially at Capital One, before doing a direct banking start up in Spain. He then spent seven years at the global management consulting firm Oliver Wyman. He came across peer-to-peer when he started working with the banks on managing disruption and quickly became a P2P believer, and then evangelist, before jumping over to join Zopa in 2014.

Commercial Director

Ben Edwards

Prior to Zopa, Ben worked in a number of innovative start-up technology businesses including Betfair & more recently built a start-up in children’s financial education at Roosterbank.com. He helps grow the business by introducing more people to its disruptive technology through the establishment of partnerships with like-minded businesses. His ideal dinner invitees would be Eric Cantona, Charles Darwin & Steve Jobs.

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