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London Tech by the Numbers - Q3 2015

Every quarter Tech.London publishes a “London Tech by the Numbers” infographic highlighting the best performers on the site. Here are the top twenty most popular startups for Q3 2015.
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  • 1

    Compare and Share

    The comparison site for sharing. We bring 1,000s of shared experiences together so it’s easy for you to find & compare accommodation, transport and more.

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  • 2


    SoAmpli is an award winning employee advocacy platform identifying and nurturing in-house social media, company, brand advocates amplifying campaigns.

  • 3


    Paypersocial is the first affiliation network exclusively dedicated to Social Media communication ( Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.).

  • 4


    Peer-to-peer lending marketplace, allowing students to crowdfund the cost of going to university, interest free.

    Edaid logo
  • 5


    Sayduck brings great design to life using Augmented Reality. We allow to explore, engage with and have the product in front of them - as if it’s really there.

  • 6


    Grip is the networking tool to meet interesting professionals.

  • 7


    Using proprietary algorithms and predictive analytics to enable large corporates to pay the SMEs in their supply chain instantly, before invoice approval.

    Growth 20through 20payments 20
  • 9

    Yoyo Wallet

    Yoyo Wallet enables mobile payments and automated loyalty, providing the integrated tools to reach targeted customer segments, drive sales anf increase revenue

    Yyw logo
  • 10

    Desktop Genetics

    DeskGen has developed a software platform that unlocks the promise of genome editing.

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