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    Blockchain based anti-counterfeit technology which is improving supply chain visibility.

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    Persontyle is an open platform for people to learn the art and science of turning data into meaningful insights and predictions.

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    Sirenum streamlines staff management with a cloud-based platform that helps organizations better schedule, monitor and pay hourly, remote, and mobile staff.

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    Allied Brigade

    Experience Optimum Protection and Professional Security Services

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    Elpis Investments

    Elpis Investments is the first Artificial Intelligence driven Investment fund to manage both Crypto Assets and Traditional Assets

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    Sian's Plan

    With over 7k members Sian's Plan raised over £120k by crowdfunding in April 2014 and is recognised as the ‘Most Innovative Solution for Home Cooks’ globally.

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    McKenzie Intelligence Services Ltd

    £ Successful satellite imagery enterprise with MIS_Projects: Web-based Geospatial analysis, visualisation & dissemination PaaS. Clients UK/US Gov & Blue chip.

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    An entertained, addictive and shoppable smart feed with an accurate search engine.

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    We use the internet to deliver psychological therapy in a way that is faster, more flexible and more efficient than conventional methods