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    The CV Factory.

    We'll be the first CV only delivery website in the UK- advertising clients job roles across the best sites in the UK, filtered, enhanced and redistributed.

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    Tanaroo is a B2B platform where companies can post opportunities that they are looking to getting fulfilled by companies who share the same vision.

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    I want to open a small eatery to show case the flavours of British and congolaise food I have come to love and grew up with. All fresh and authentic

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    iMakr is the world's largest 3D Printing Store. iMakr sells best-in-class 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, Filaments, Design Solutions and 3D Printed objects.

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    Applications to deliver communication, integrated medtech, professional integrated tools that can be accessed via existing medical record systems in real-time.

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