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    Worldacquire helps brands launch in any country, advertise in any language and engage audiences from any culture.

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    Creating the ultimate entertainment experience and building the OTT platform of the future #WatchTogether

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    eForSports UK

    eForSports UK operates a last minute sports ticketing website for its user base, as well as a portfolio of web modules for sports clubs.

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    Startup Gate

    Startup Gate is a virtual startup accelerator program for professionals who want to follow their dreams without having to quit their jobs.

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    Labstep Ltd

    Labstep is a tool for researchers, captures real-time scientific process data to make research more reproducible and to power a collaboration network.

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    Jobflow is a social recruitment & networking platform specifically designed to help millennial job seekers and employers connect faster and easier.

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    The world's first broker-less financial trading platform

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    James Sanders

    James Sanders is a successful business man who provides the help in property trading and business management in London.

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