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    Adavow Limited

    Have you ever purchased something online and then seen an ad for that same product afterwards? We're fixing that.

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    User controlled mobile advertising: putting users in control of the ads, offers and commercial content they receive on their mobile phones

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    Optempus Ltd

    This isn't rocket science, it's brain surgery. NeuroLogic designs and commercialises medical devices for use in neurosurgery.

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    SafetyNet Technologies

    We build devices to help fishermen catch the right fish and reduce by-catch by up to 90%

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    To address directly into the consumer behaviour of every Retail Investor, to disrupt the decision making process when acquiring Investment Services.

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    Shoprocket provides industry-grade ecommerce, that integrates seamlessly into any existing website with the simplicity of a single line of code.

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    Space Ventures Investors Ltd

    Create a Space Investment Product for retail and institutional investors, and invest capital into existing space commerce companies, including space start-ups.

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    ECHY captures sunlight on the outside of buildings and transports it directly inside using fiber optics – discover Aerio, the first connected daylight luminaire

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    Trufis is a peer to peer lending & borrowing platform, which provides primary market to facilitate transactions between retail & commercial lenders & borrowers.

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