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    BuzzHire is an intelligent workforce management software that allows employers to efficiently manage their flexible staff, maximising quality and reliability.

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    Colour Balance

    Marketplace for royalty-free & rights-managed still images and footage featuring culturally, ethnically and racially diverse people and landscapes.

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    Uriji Jami

    URIJI JAMI is a new generation of social network connecting users based on their past experiences and future dreams.

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    Online People

    Online People is a social network that lets you expand your social circles through people you already know

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    Nous Global Markets

    Financial-market access for the world! Spark Profit, just one year old, already has 168,000 users in 200 countries. Now we're adding real money and revenues.

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    Air Craft

    Next-gen motion-based musical instruments on mobile devices which bring the rich dynamic and energy of traditional instruments to the digital studio and stage

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    Bibee Dresses

    A maternity and breast-feeding dress with interchangable dress-fronts. Mix and match dresses and dress-fronts to create a complete wardrobe.