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    Tritto delivers home cooked fresh food to your house in 20 minutes.

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    Brand Concierge

    Brand Concierge is a market network giving your business access to top agencies in marketing, advertising, PR and branding.

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    We aim to create simple, elegant and engaging audio products for modern living, using the latest audio technology to deliver excellent acoustics and ease-of-use

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    Smart Planet Technologies

    Intellectual Property company with patent filings for eco-friendly composite packaging materials. Licensing distributors to receive royalties.

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    InQ.Social helps you have an in-depth understanding of your customers and supercharge your marketing campaigns.

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    Dynamic Boosting Systems Ltd.

    With blue chip partners, DBS's cheaper, more efficient compressor TurboClaw® is now set to revolutionise air conditioning, energy recovery & engine downsizing

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    Sofoi is a unique social platform dedicated to bringing together research and expert communities around major global challenges.