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    Conceive Media

    Development of global cross platform brands which are as creatively dynamic as they are commercially valuable. To create popular culture.

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    Cosmydor Ltd

    Cosmydor is a French heritage cosmetics brand founded in 1877 - relaunching hand-made in France, organic, products served by a luxury, beautiful brand.

    Consumer Products
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    Oriental Idols London

    Oriental Idols have best collection of beautiful girls, working together to bring you an exotic and sophisticated experience.

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    Investment Consortium LLP

    I am a broker targeted at growing entrepreneurs.I have the man power and contact to handle huge investments

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    J&G Trading Limited

    Help small and medium sized companies, and individuals to find new business partners and sell their products. .

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    Proknuckle Ltd

    PROKNUCKLE is a newly patented golf glove liner that improves grip, stability and endurance and targets a $300m per annum market.

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