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    Rzr Poker

    Online poker education software and community website targetting regular players. Aims to fill empty niche in existing poker software market.

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    Battle Roulette

    Exciting and innovative new form of online gambling giving punters better odds and a more interactive experience whilst we take a 10% registration fee per game.

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    hill farm

    I wish to put a 'pig palace' upon my land. 2000 pigs with a contract from the tulip group via BQP to supply Waitrose with british pork

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    Reading device which looks exactly like a book.Left read the actual book,right make notes.Interactive books,medicine,hotels,can be manual+notebook for students

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    Blue Scientists Airlines ltd

    We are startup company offering full traveling services within airlines, cruise liners and Hotels we are looking for Investors to join us

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    African Medias Network

    The main risk remains the fear of non-achievement. It is really hopeful to gain confidence from investors.

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