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    Medikidz was set up by doctors to explain medical information to children. We explain complex topics to kids in a way they can understand.

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    We are developing an enterprise solution that utilises deep-learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Video and Audio signal processing.

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    Conceive Media

    Development of global cross platform brands which are as creatively dynamic as they are commercially valuable. To create popular culture.

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    Grant Thornton UK LLP

    British Pearl is a technology company that delivers online financial services through a revolutionary internally developed lending platform

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    We want to create a mobile app which will allow users to play games and earn coins, which they can use to buy products from our online store in the app.

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    Vicnet cloud ltd

    IT company for cloud and datacenter migrations beyond borders helping clients save cost TCO increase ROI and lower down CAPEX OPEX costs via automation process.

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