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    Subrosa Studios

    Subrosa Studios - a web video enterprise launched by Google employees with a proven framework for targeting the $3bn market for online video content....

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    Tanaroo is a B2B platform where companies can post opportunities that they are looking to getting fulfilled by companies who share the same vision.

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    Affordable Dissertation UK

    Affordable Dissertation UK is one of best dissertation writing services provider company that helps in writing dissertations and chapters related to it.

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    UKAS Industries

    UKAS Industries will be very soon the number 1 company which sells Operating Systems to customers and it is based of Linux .

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    True North Partners

    True North Partners LLP is an independent consulting firm based in London, Johannesburg, Frankfurt and Zurich and we specialise in finance, risk and strategy.

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    Proknuckle Ltd

    PROKNUCKLE is a newly patented golf glove liner that improves grip, stability and endurance and targets a $300m per annum market.

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    Property Tycoon Start Up

    An online Real Estate agency revolutionising the high commissions across the UK. Selling a property is one of the biggest transactions in an individuals life!

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    G3 intelligence Ltd

    A one stop solution to fight Crime and Terrorism for intelligence agency and government bodies. Only few companies in the world today develop similar products

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