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What Keeps A #CEO Up At Night: What If I Don't Get This Digital-Industrial thing right #iot

Tech-savvy generation demands the high street to up its game -

@RustyNailed @itchypaws gah, not catering for anyone who writes software, then!

Robots will take your job. Yes you with the university degree. For real. It’a going to happen…

8 companies driving disruption in the IBM ecosystem. Shout out to our member, @Mendix - congrats!

Who owns the data anyway? Definitely the client, says IBM #IBMCloud

@Jonathan Fiverr Thank you for the Follow. Please let me know how I can help with regards #IBMCloud, #Softlayer, #Bluemix or #IBMMarketplace

Is there any way to ensure that #AI will remain safe?

@itchypaws @RustyNailed exactly

Catch up on the excitement. @davidwkenny shares a closer look at #ibminterconnect announcements via @Fortune:

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Employee #Engagement: The Number 1 #HR Challenge via @baudville

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