New to Watson Assistant? Read our introductory blog to learn the ins and outs of the revamped service, including ne…

The latest Cloudy with SaaS-Shine! Thanks to @4tt3nt4t #ibm #ai

10 Tips for Leading Disruption During Times of Uncertainty

How artificial intelligence will transform how we gesture

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@fluffyguy Dude, just caught you in #ModernFamily. Great performance and I was so pleased at how well you look! #GottaLoveFluffy

The future of business systems - via @ComparetheCloud

MIT predicts 10 breakthrough technologies of 2018

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RT @cgFilmProject: We had a great time today at @cloudfoundry #cfsummit Here's our executive producer and creator @jennifercloer with @Pari…

How @KPMG uses Watson to enable professionals to better monitor the marketplace, produce insights, and continuously…

RT @ilkleylitfest: Have you booked for Words in the City yet? Only 3 weeks to go! Don't miss all these great spoken word events in Leeds: @…

RT @jezhumble: @allspaw @18F Probably the high point of my career was when the team got the letter attached. You ca…

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