5 Contact Page Pro-Tips to Help You Attract New Members


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In an increasingly competitive coworking market, where website visitors have ever-decreasing attention spans, it’s imperative that you make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. Everyone’s first instinct is to start by optimizing their home page, CTAs and any other landing pages they manage. The contact page, however, is a crucial piece of the digital marketing puzzle and is often one of the most viewed pages on a coworking site. Therefore, the contact page is a huge opportunity to convert prospective members. Without further ado, here are five slip-ups many coworking spaces make, and how you can avoid or overcome them.   1. Create a contact page You’d be surprised how many websites don’t have a contact page at all. In lieu of a clear way to contact the company, some brands will display their social icons at the top of the page. Although it is always recommended that you promote your social channels, without a contact page, you will be redirecting any visitors who are looking to join your community to another platform. This leads to more distractions and can create frustration, ultimately increasing the likelihood your visitors "bounce" before buying. Pro tip: Create a....

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