Office workout: Six ways to get fit while sitting at your computer


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A lot of people want to make health-conscious decisions but find it a challenge to keep up a healthy routine due to the daily responsibilities placed on them. For instance, going to the gym a few times a week is considered ideal for anybody who wants to lose weight or stay in good shape, but how many people can manage that and still keep their job? What’s more disturbing is the number of people who spend all day sitting at a desk and the health problems that result from a sedentary lifestyle. For people who don’t have a physically demanding job, the only way to get some exercise is to do it in the workplace. In an effort to boost your fitness goals, we have come up with six methods to get fit without leaving your desk. 1. Watch your posture A lot of times we forget how important it is to sit straight. Posture has a profound impact on us both physically and psychologically. The way you sit can enhance blood flow, strengthen back muscles, communicate authority, and make you more assertive.   The good news is, it’s never too late to correct posture, even if you’re been hunching....

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