Fast Track Virtual Reality (VR) – 1 Day Training Workshop


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About this 1 Day Workshop:

On this 1 day workshop, our dedicated instructors will introduce you to the fundamental aspects of virtual reality technology revolutionising the entertainment, engineer, defence and healthcare industries. Attendees will learn how to create and manage a virtual reality environment, design 3D scenes and be taught the essential element of interactivity using Oculus Rift and Touch technology

Who should attend?
This workshop is designed for marketing professionals, technologists, story tellers, writers and film producers, senior strategists and entrepreneurs who wish to fully understand the core principles and practical applications of Virtual Reality technology
What you will learn in this workshop
The workshop will include the following learning modules
Introduction to VR
- A brief history of VR,
- The titans of VR explained; Oculus/Facebook, Samsung, Sony and Google.
- The essential ingredients to presence (Tracking, FoV, peripherals, haptics, foveated rendering, locomotion, 3D audio etc)
- The rise of MR and AR (Inside-out tracking, MS HoloLens (I will try and bring one) and why it is so important.
VR Content and Distribution
- VR and 360 content distribution platforms
- What content is working and what is not
- The commercial landscape
- Software development platforms
- Introduction to social VR
- Creative tools
VR production process explained
- 360 degree capture
- 360 video formats
- Editing 360 content
- Capturing 360 sound
- Core principles of 360 production
The Future of VR
- The new 180 degree format
- Volumetric video capture and photogrammetry
- Making a simple VR animation (each person will need their laptop)
- The rise and importance of web VR.
- Q and A
About your Virtual Reality Workshop Trainer- Jonathan Tustain
Jonathan Tustain has been fascinated and deeply involved in the virtual reality inustry all his life and has working in the industry since 2012. He is founder of London's largest VR meetup group, Virtual-Reality-Developer-Meetup, and is well known in London VR circles, writing for founding mobile VR company Proteus and freefly VR He acts as a consultant for many companies seeking to enter the VR space and speaks at regular VR events such as VR

He has written features and stories for (for example - The future of digital actors), How it Works magazine and Yahoo and shoots video reports from VR events such as VRLO.


What do attendees say about the workshop on completion? Below are some customer feedback from attendees who have attended our workshops in 2017:

"I wanted to say that I had an EXTREMELY useful day at the VR Workshop – it covered all of the questions I had and I took away a lot of ideas as my knowledge about VR was greatly enhanced after this day. What I loved the most was the demo and examples given, the opportunity to play around with the equipment and to see the endless VR possibilities within a day. The VR Workshop has broadened my perspectives and awaken my imagination. A HUGE THANK YOU to both of you for organising and running this great workshop – it will certainly make a difference to my line of work"

In-house Digital Executive- Knight Frank

'As a producer for a production company I found this course incredibly useful. I was specifically looking for a workshop that was really practical and would expand my knowledge of the production process, trends and how best to use VR creatively. This course certainly delivered on these requirements and has inspired me to go learn more about this space'

Production manage- leading Ad Agency in London
We hope you can join us for this exciting 1 day workshop

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John Tustain

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