This new device will allow children to breathe in cleaner air in polluted urban environments

Sep 19, 2017 ·


A startup in London has launched its Kickstarter campaign and is seeking £105k investment to launch its portable air sensor and filter.

Brizi has been created to provide cleaner air for babies and young children in prams and car seats and to protect them from pollution in urban environments. There have been predictions of 6.6m premature deaths by 2050 due to this hazard.

Brizi’s first product, Brizi Baby, is an active fan filter and portable sensor that cleans the air in a child’s breathing area when high pollution levels are detected. Its dual fan filter delivers 1.5 litres of clean, filtered air every 10 seconds which forms a ‘barrier’, reducing their exposure to the airborne pollutants.

The startup’s founder, Yosi Romano, said: "Following the birth of my daughter, I became particularly aware of the impact air pollution can have on children’s health. Pushing Alma’s pram through busy streets…

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